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    About Us

    From flooring to rooftops, we coat and protect what matters to you the most!

    Who We Are

    AHT Services, established by Industry Experts with over 50 years Industrial Experience, is a Market Leading
    Technical Services Company specializing in Construction, Waterproofing, Flooring, Roofing Applications as well as a Consultant to the Coatings Industry as a whole.

    AHT is regarded as the foremost regional Applications expert in the field of Polymer-based technology, namely
    Polyurea and Polyurethanes with additional expertise in Epoxies and Acrylics.

    AHT is approaching close to a Million Square Meters achieved by over 50 certified Application and Preparation professionals with 10 Specialist Teams operating over 10 top-of-the-range Application Reaction equipment manufactured by GRACO, WIWA.

    Certified, Technical Staff :

    Over 50 certified Application and Preparation professionals and 10 Specialist Teams with wide-range of experience in coating and protection services.

    Our Services :

    Industrial waterproofing
    Wet area waterproofing
    Industrial Roofing
    Cold Storage Flooring
    Food Service Flooring
    Decorative Flooring


    +971 4 250 3288
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