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    Food Industry

    The food and beverage industry always needs an eye to be looked at thus implying all options for complete protection.
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    Food Industry Floor Coating Services by AHT

    For food and beverage plants, where cleanliness and purity are paramount, it’s very important for the floor to be covered with an appropriate protective coating. Polyurea is ideal for industrial food grade floor coating due to its flexible, hygienic properties. The shielding, antibacterial properties of polyurea makes it suitable for food processing plants. AHT protective solution is resilient and resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Moreover, polyurethane is another wonderful solution for high temperature, moisture, and chemical resistance. AHT protective solutions are determined to provide the best flooring option in various sectors of the food industry. Our company is primarily focused on finding suitable coating options for your requirements, leading to sustainable, protective results.

    Significant areas of application in food and beverage industry flooring

    The food industry floor coating is an essential part of the construction process. Industrial facilities face a number of governmental regulations. The food industry in particular, faces a huge focus on hygienic, secure flooring systems. In fact, food processing firms are under strict regulations than other industries. AHT provides protective solutions in diverse areas of the food industry. So, AHT has identified 4 significant areas for attention in industrial Kitchen and cold storage facility applications, which we have been at the forefront of standardizing in the last 10 years.

    • Cold Storage-Pure Polyurea:

      Polyurea is ideal for extreme temperature resistance, and high-water insensitivity. Therefore, pure polyurea is ideal for food industry floor coating and protection of cold storage systems. Fast reaction time, low permeability, high water-insensitivity, and monolithic end results make this flooring solution ideal for low-temperature areas like cold storage space.

    • Access Route-Pure Polyurea:

      Pure polyurea is also used for premier and standard solutions for access routes. Additionally, polyurea is perfect for food industry floor coating and especially access route, as it allows easy blockage of water and humidity, while also preventing any chances of leakage.

    • Food Service Area-PU Screed (6mm):

      AHT uses polyurethane for the flooring of the food service area. Polyurethane is a leading flooring technology for the wet and dry production process. Moreover, it shows an extremely strong track record of over 10 years with all major industrial operations. Thus, this hybrid producing industrial food flooring urethane is suitable for its extreme hygienic conditions and resistance to chemicals and water.

    • Cooking Stations-PU Screed (9mm):

      Polyurethane is fire-resistant and can bear extremely high surface temperatures. Moreover, the temperature resisting properties of polyurethane makes it perfect for coating on the cooking stations. It is available in multiple aesthetic colors and a smooth end finish.

    Benefits of protective industrial food flooring services

    Industrial food flooring is a decisive factor, leading to sustainable, hygienic food processing units. The food industry has to undergo regular chemical cleaning and extreme temperature conditions. AHT protective solutions tailor the most suitable protective services for your company. Given below are some advantages of adopting our protective services:

    • Hygiene ensured through pure polyurea coating
    • Highly resistant to chemicals and acid, therefore, suitable for thorough cleaning
    • Withstand temperature extremes from -40 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius.
    • Colorful, smooth finish making it ideal for an aesthetic looking floor.
    • Furthermore, the quick and easy installation further adds to the quality of this flooring method.
    • Adequately resistant to abrasion and corrosion, confirming sustainability and protection
    Why are AHT protective solutions better than other industrial food flooring companies?

    AHT protective solutions offer a wide range of food and beverage industry flooring options to its clients. Our skillful experts look carefully and analyze your workplace requirements. In fact, AHT services aim to convert your dream into reality by imposing suitable solutions in your food industrial unit. Our prime goal is listening to the customer, customizing our service, and delivering it for sustainable results.

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