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    Vehicle Protection

    Securing your vehicles as they are always the target for accidents installing the protective coating leaving you stunned
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    Best Vehicle Protection – Truck Bed Liner:

    For 20 years our Standard Spray-On Bed liner has been trusted to protect millions of Refrigeration and other pickup trucks throughout the Middle East. When you’re looking for durability, function, and peace of mind AHT polyurea-proven formula is what you need. AHT protective solutions aim to provide you with the best vehicle protection services, ensured by pure polyurea technology. We believe in providing innovative, sustainable solutions to our clients that can meet their demands. Therefore, AHT aims to deliver a high-standard polyurea coating solution for your vehicle protection. The results obtained from our service will be long-lasting and low maintenance.

    Vehicle Protection services by AHT

    Our company is known for its increased emphasis on the latest coating technology, followed by cost-effective, reliable solutions. Moreover, AHT services provide a vehicular protective coating for your assets that is sustainable and resistant to moisture, chemicals, and damage. Our polyurea proven formula works best for every vehicle, leading to highly satisfying end results. Additionally, our specialized team of experts is highly focused on providing the best service to every client’s project. Though the spray-on truck bed liner is the most popular, the AHT Vehicle Protection division specializes in developing spray-on protection for a wide range of vehicles including:

    • Trucks
    • Fleet Vehicles
    • Jeeps
    • Trailers and RVs
    • Emergency Vehicles
    • Military Vehicles
    • Construction Vehicles

    Best Polyurea Vehicle Protection Contractors in UAE

    Polyurea technology has gained popularity due to its high strength, and sustainable results. AHT protective services provide the best polyurea vehicle protection services in Dubai. From design to installation, AHT’s dedicated team of specialists provides you with the most impeccable protective solutions in UAE. Customer satisfaction is primarily important to our company; thus, we aim to provide high-quality customer service with guaranteed satisfaction.

    How is polyurea vehicle coating better than traditional protection methods

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    Benefits of Polyurea Vehicle Protection

    Polyurea has wide-range applicability in various industrial set-ups. Whether it is waterproofing or insulating, polyurea shows durable, long-lasting results. AHT services realize that your vehicle is a valuable asset, which needs to be protected through an advanced technological method like polyurea coating. Given below are some of the essential factors of polyurea that will lead to satisfactory coating on your trucks, tanks, or fleet vehicles, etc. :

    • Pure Polyurea Technology:
      AHT solely aims to deliver its clients with the most advanced, pure polyurea technological coating. Polyurea adheres to the lining of your vehicle, leading to strong, long-term solutions.
    • Extreme Abrasion & Impact Resistance:
      Polyurea protection is also extremely effective for abrasion resistance. It inhibits the impact of any abrasive attack on your vehicle.
    • Resists Staining from Harsh Chemicals:
      Chemical exposure, such as cleaning agents, can have a harsh effect on your vehicle. Polyurea protective coat can defend against staining and damage caused by these chemicals.
    • Prevents Leaks, Rust, & Corrosion:
      Vehicular body can be exposed to the damage of rust, corrosion, or leakage. Polyurea adapts itself throughout the lining of your vehicle and ensures strong protection against any possible damage.
    • Environmentally Friendly – VOC-FREE:
      Polyurea is completely environmentally friendly and VOC-free. So, you can utilize this effective coating method on your vehicle without worrying about its environmental impact.
    What sets AHT Vehicle Protection Service apart?

    AHT Protective Solutions provide you with your desired protective coating solutions. Our technical team carefully analyzes your vehicle that is to be coated. Upon careful examination, the vehicle is coated with pure polyurea under the supervision of expert specialists. Once installed, our team carefully monitors the protective coating for flawless end results. At AHT services, we believe in listening, customizing, and delivering the best-tailored service.

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