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    Marine & Leisure Application

    Highlighting the marine & leisure applications to protect your boats and surfaces with robust analysis.

    Marine Leisure Application- AHT Protective Solutions:

    AHT Protective Solutions are primarily focused on providing high-standard performance and keeping happy clients. AHT realizes the importance of protective coating in the marine leisure application sector. In fact, it is a known fact that the leisure and recreation industry needs a suitable coating technological method that can result in sustainable, long-lasting end results. Therefore, AHT services aim to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective, and quality assured solution, particularly for the marine sectors. Our advanced polyurea-driven formula works to effectively coat and protects your marine-related applications to ensure safety and protection.

    Polyurea application services in marine sectors

    AHT has identified significant areas for attention in Aquatic Applications which we have been at the forefront of standardizing in the last 10 years. Polyurea products are used for personal, industrial, and commercial needs in numerous marine-related applications. Effective polyurea coating provides multiple benefits, ensuring waterproofing, resistance, and smooth end finish. Following are the areas of application of polyurea coating that can provide the clients with effective, sustainable results:

    • Shipboard saltwater ballast tanks
    • Lagoons
    • Buoys
    • Marina ramps and steps
    • Swimming Pools
    • Pond liner
    • Cargo ships
    • Waterpark
    • Pontoons
    • Docks
    • EPS
    • Boardwalks

    Benefits of polyurea coating in the marine leisure industry

    Polyurea is known around the world for its wonderous properties. This wonderful coating solution is also perfect for marine leisure application procedures. Its durability and insulating properties are widely appreciated. Moreover, it is much more resistant and insensitive to external factors, unlike the traditional methods of the coating through epoxies and polyurethane. Polyurea is the latest technology in the field of coating and construction, shows better end results as compared to the cement coated traditional methods. Some essential benefits of polyurea in the marine leisure industry are given below:

    • Impact and skid resistance:
      One of the prime benefits of polyurea coating in marine leisure application is its resistance to any external impact. Furthermore, polyurea coating also avoids any chances of skidding or spillage with its incredible moisture resistant quality.
    • Protection from chemical spills:
      Chemical spillage can cause stains and damage to the surface. Some cleaning agents in particular can leave stains and damage to the surface they touch. Polyurea is 100% effective in combating chemical spills on your marine application unit.
    • Waterproofing:
      Marine leisure application systems stay in constant contact with water. Therefore, the chances of leakage and water seeping always exists. AHT protective solutions provide sustainable polyurea coating that is highly insensitive to moisture; thus, being ideal for sustainable waterproofing.
    • Improved appearance:
      While cemented surfaces can look rough and uneven, polyurea coated surfaces show smooth, fine end results. The improved appearance of your marine leisure applications is highly evident after a coat of polyurea.
    • Increased value:
      The value of your asset is automatically increased when it is secured and protected. Moreover, polyurea protective coating will ensure more value of your marine-related application, making it suitable for the leisure and recreation industry
    • The service life of your vessel:
      Protective coating can lead to longer, sustainable solutions for your vessel. Polyurea will bind with the lining of your vessel, making it resistant and insensitive to damage. Thus, polyurea coating by AHT services will lead to the longer service life of your vessel.
    Why choose AHT for marine leisure application?

    AHT protective solutions utilize technical expertise combined with strong analytical skills to make your project absolutely sustainable. Furthermore, our team of experienced specialists carefully analyzes your marine leisure application system and performs the entire procedure from design to installation. AHT services use high-performance polyurea sprays for thorough application and flawless end results. If you are looking for the best protective coating services for your marine leisure application, get our consultation for highly satisfactory results.

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