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    Mentioning our trusted products with the efficiency of securing any of your surfaces
    • EPOXY

    1- Superior Tensile & Structural Strength

    • Excellent adhesion on steel, aluminum, GRP, plastics, concrete, wood, isolating foams
    • High tensile strength (3000psi/>= 20MPa) while still having excellent elongation
    • Deformation from moving substrate shifts will be reduced
    • Polyurea adapts to sonic and vibratory attack

    Polyurea coating Dubai

    High abrasion resistance

    • High abrasion resistance (ASTM 4060-90)
    • Superior elongation (upto 700%)
    • stays soft, elastic and extremely flexible
    • No cracking when exposed to constant pounding
    • Tremendous savings because of much longer maintenance intervalls. Epoxies crack and have to be repaired and re- coated. Polyureas guarantee a lifetime of 10 years and more after proper application

    High chemical resistance

    • Polyurea is the choice of facility managers for storage of diluted acids, alkali, salt solution, organic solvents and oils
    • Polyurea provides a strong barrier to spills from reaching the environment
    • Ideal for petrochemistry, chemical processing facilities, (portable) water systems, reservoirs, sewage processing, manholes, holding tanks, secondary containment protection…

    Thermal resistance

    Can be used in moist environments


    Polyurea systems that AHT applies

    • Tank Coatings – Protects steel tanks from corrosion, chemical attack, and the elements
    • Tank Linings –Chemical resistance makes them applicable in many industrial settings
    • Secondary Containment – Resistance to many fuels and chemicals makes polyurea ideal for secondary containment protection when tested for compatibility
    • Flooring and Parking Decks – Extremely durable in high traffic areas. May also be used in clean/dirty rooms as waterproofing and protective coating from maintenance pressure cleaning.
    • Pipe and Pipeline Coatings and Linings – Increasingly being used to line the inside of water and sewer pipes for infrastructure and rehabilitation work.
    • Truck Bed Liners – Provides a durable, water and airtight liner for the exterior of pick up, utility and dump trucks. Sprayed on truck bed liners are available in a variety of colors and add protection from impact and abrasion.
    • Fiberglass Protection – Polyurea can be applied to marine vessels, and water park chutes, molded slides and automotive aftermarket fascia and spoilers
    • Joint Fill / Caulk – Provides a flexible, durable, weather-tight and traffic resistant seal for expansion joints & control joints in masonry floors, perimeter joints, panels & doors. Its tensile strength makes it an excellent material to use for bridging cracks.
    • Polyurea can be moulded and shaped by spraying it into moulds. Similarly, Polyurea is also used as hard coat protective shell over expanded polystyrene (EPS) for architectural moulded fascia applications.

    Power Industry

    • Offers a longer-lasting protection against corrosion, chemical attack, and high temperatures
    • Nuclear, fossil, hydro, wind, and alternative generation
    • Prevents transmission towers and substation structures from weathering
    • Flooring systems for power plants
    • Nuclear containment structures
    • Oil, water, and chemical storage tanks and containment areas
    • Tank liners, cooling towers, stack, secondary containment, splash zones, cable ducts, etc.

    Manhole & Sewer linings

    • Rehabilitaion of manholes & sewer systems
    • Excellent adhesion to brick, block and concrete
    • Resistant to caustic or corrosive chemicals/ gases
    • Moisture insensitive
    • Maintains tensile strenght and flexibility
    • Excellent crack-bridging ability
    • Protects cavity from sediment
    • Provides structural enhancement
    • Long-term stability and life
    • Fast cure decreases the return-to-service time
    • Less expensive than previous GRP liners

    Transportation & Trucks

    • QuickSpray bedliners form a durable, permantent, water-tight liner
    • Abrasion resistance protects from harsh environments against rust and corrosion
    • Easy to clean
    • Available in many colors

    • Pick-up trucks, animal transport, refrigerator trucks, dump trucks, cement mixers, rail cars, steel containers, mining trucks, etc.

    Hotel & Leisure park industry

    • Chemical resistance to sweat, suncremes, UV-exposure and chlorine
    • Replacement for paint and fiberglass
    • Ability to form custom shaped walls
    • Variety of colors
    • Waterscapes, molded slides, coating for seats in wet/dry conditions, aquariums, pools, non-skid areas, ponds, etc.

    Marine / Gel Coating

    • Effective in protecting steel, aluminum, and fiberglass above and in water
    • Sound attenuation for engine compartments
    • Non-skid application on decks
    • Cruise ships, tankships, cargo ships, container vessels, jet-skis, buoys & fenders, etc.

    2- Industrial Roofing | Spray Foam Insulation

    Polyurethane is a large chained-polymer, formed by the polymerization reaction of isocyanate prepolymer and polyol. This polymer can be widely used for coating and protection due to its wonderous properties including; high durability, and resistance to external environmental factors. Spray polyurethane foam has been used around the globe for protective, seamless coating.

    Properties of Polyurea Coating

    Superior Durability

    • Extraordinary weathering protection properties
    • Extended life cycle after installation
    • Has a tightly bound resin structure, supporting flexibility
    • Prone to cracks and damage
    • Wide-range applicability on metals staircase, flooring, doors, etc.

    High resistance to impact

    • High abrasion resistance
    • When combined with epoxy, provides excellent protection against corrosion
    • Seamless finish with no chances of cracking

    High chemical resistance

    • Polyurea protects against chemicals that can cause damage to concrete and street
    • Protects against spillage from external chemical agents
    • Tremendous protection from cleaning agents containing chemicals
    • Protects against diluted acids, alkali, salt solution, organic solvents, and oils

    Inhibits micro-organismic growth

    • It inhibits the growth of molds, algae, and other micro-organisms
    • Protects from the growth of harmful bacteria
    • Resistant to bird droppings, dirt, debris, etc.

    Polyurethane systems that AHT applies

    • Food Processing Services Ideal for food processing services, allowing better protection on exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, etc.
    • Cooking Stations Polyurethane flooring screed (9mm) is ideally resistant to fire, or high-temperature conditions
    • Cold Stores Polyurethane is ideal for protective coating in cold stores due to its high-temperature resistance. It can bear harsh temperature conditions of the cold store without causing damage
    • Hospitals It is suitable for flooring in hospitals due to its extremely hygienic, chemical resistant properties
    • Pharmaceuticals Similar to hospitals, hygienic, durable flooring is extremely important. Polyurethane acts as a wonderful flooring method, ensuring safety and durable end results.
    • Dairies, Beverage Factories Polyurethane is excellent for coating in dairy and beverage factories due to its temperature resistant, durable nature

    3- Industrial flooring With Epoxy & Polyurethane

    Epoxy resins are one of the most commonly used floor coating methods in the world. This resin is composed of a resin side and a hardener one, both combining to form the strong epoxy for effective coating and protection. It is widely appreciated in multiple industries due to its high durability, compression strength, and tougher tensile strength.

    Properties of Epoxy Coating

    Better Durability and Strength

    • Epoxy resins are hard after coating
    • It is more resistant to impact and damage from the external environment
    • It is more sustainable and durable than a polyurethane coating
    • Ideal for heavy-duty industries like warehouses and logistics

    High resistance to impact

    • High abrasion resistance
    • When combined with epoxy, provides excellent protection against corrosion
    • Seamless finish with no chances of cracking
    • VOC Compliant and environmentally friendly

    Perfect Mechanical Bonding

    • Provides strong bonding with the substrate
    • Results in the well-adhered system base
    • Epoxy resin is ideally bonded with a concrete surface

    Ease in Installation

    • Relatively easy to install than other coating methods
    • A more affordable method of protective coating
    • Needs expert supervision for concrete preparation
    • Easy to maintain and clean after installation

    High Aesthetic Finish

    • Epoxy flooring has an anti-slip, smooth, and seamless finish
    • Available in a wide range of colors for aesthetic end results

    Epoxy systems that AHT applies

    • Car park decks process areas Epoxy is ideal for car park deck process areas due to its excellent anti-crack, and high-impact resistant nature  
    • Pharmaceutical, food, and beverage plants storage areas This flooring technique is suitable for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, and beverage storage plants.
    • Kitchens and laundries Epoxy flooring is suitable for kitchens and laundries. Constant chemical exposure can be combatted effectively.
    • Hospitals The seamless finish of epoxy makes it wonderful for use in hospitals. It is also hygienic, allowing easy cleaning and exposure to chemicals.
    • Clean rooms Epoxy coating is ideal for cleanrooms as it keeps the floor, smooth and easy to clean.
    • Chemical handling and processing areas For the chemical handling areas, polyurethane can act perfectly for chemical resistance and damage

    4- Methyl Methacrylate Coating (MMA)

    Methyl Methacrylate is a dual system polymer, with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. MMA is an effective method of coating and protection as it allows resistance against weak acids, solvents, alkalis, providing sustainable solutions in comparison to other flooring systems.

    Properties of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Coating

    Easy Installation and Curation Time

    • Methyl Methacrylate is ideal for easy installation
    • Low curation temperature during installation
    • The application process is rather quick

    High resistance properties

    • Highly scratch-resistant properties
    • Low glare, smooth finish
    • Withstand temperature up to 140-degree Fahrenheit

    Aesthetic End Results

    • Provides smooth, trendy end results
    • The aesthetic surface makes it ideal for multiple industries
    • Available in a wide range of colors for seamless end results

    High Functionality

    • Relatively quick to install than other coating methods
    • Needs expert supervision for concrete preparation
    • Easy to maintain and clean after installation

    Methyl Methacrylate systems that AHT applies

    5- Polyurethane Screed

    Polyurethane Screed is perfect for application on flooring ranging from 3mm-5mm for self-smoothing and 6mm-9mm for trowel applied systems. It is a highly durable, authentic solution with excellent properties ensuring chemical resistance. The resin is easy to clean, hygienic and requires low maintenance.

    Properties of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Coating

    Seamless Finish

    • Smooth, seamless finish after installation
    • Wide range of color options
    • Non-slip, edgy end results
    • Matt look can be attained after the curation period

    Fast Curation Time

    • It is curated rather quickly than other coating methods
    • Takes less time and is more affordable

    Resistant to External Impacting Agents

    • Suitable for extreme temperature conditions
    • Fire-resistant in kitchen, food processing setups
    • Resistant to other combating agents including; chemicals, molds, rust, etc.
    • Also resistant to external environmental impact

    Low Maintenance

    • Polyurethane screeding is easy to maintain
    • Easy steam cleanable
    • Non-Taint flooring results
    • Quickly curating and hardened

    Polyurethane Screed systems that AHT applies

    • Food Service Area AHT provides polyurethane screeding services for the foodservice area. PU Screeding (4-6mm) is ideal for resistance to extreme temperature, chemicals, and external impact. It is also extremely hygienic, thereby being ideal for foodservice location

    Cooking Stations Polyurethane hybrid flooring screed is also effective for cooking stations. It is equally effective for wet and dry environments, resisting moisture, and temperature extremities

    6- Sealant

    A sealant is an ideal solution to water seepage, leakage, or damage. Waterproof sealant, also known as caulking, has moisture-resistant properties. This waterproof nature makes it suitable for application in showers, baths, pipes, or any other areas exposed to cracks and holes.

    Properties of Sealant Coating

    High Durability

    • Highly durable, offering years of protection
    • Super strong coverage after application
    • Flexible sealing in multiple locations like doors, windows, etc.

    Effective Waterproofing

    • Completely insensitive to moisture
    • Provides complete coverage on the applied area
    • A more affordable and handy method of waterproofing

    Anti-corrosion properties

    • Shows resistance to rust, corrosion, and abrasion
    • Prevents mold, algae, or bacterial growth
    • High-performance, sustainable end results

    Sealant services that AHT applies

    • Windows and doors AHT provide excellent sealant services for windows and doors. The application process is conducted under careful consideration by the experts
    • Washrooms Waterproof sealants are ideal for application in washrooms due to their high moisture insensitivity. It can easily be applied in showers, sinks, and baths
    • Pipes and gutters It can be applied in closed, hollow areas like pipes and gutters to avoid any water leaking.
    • Gaps, cracks, and holes Sealant coating is highly effective in closing holes, cracks, and gaps. The affected area must be sealed with this coating agent for complete protection against damage.


    POLYUREA is a fast curing, which allows for quick installation even at very low temperatures, and is water insensitive. It creates a high-quality, waterproof elastic sprayed membrane that has many advantages over traditional waterproofing systems Has an extensive local project reference portfolio.

    • Below Grade Waterproofing
    • Podium Deck
    • Roofing Waterproof membrane
    • External Type A Waterproofing
    • Parking deck waterproof membrane
    • Insulation Protection
    • Bridge decks membrane
    • Water retaining pond lining Linings and Other Uses
    • Internal tank lining and protection
    • Chemical resistant coating for tank
    • Retention pond lining
    • Swimming Pool lining.
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